The Photographic Depot of La Grange

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Preserve your old family memories and create new memories for your family

Located in La Grange, Illinois, we are your single destination for photo printing, digital imaging, and audio/video transfer services. Just 15 miles from Chicago, our store is easily accessible from I-55 Stevenson Expressway, 294 Tri-State Tollway, 290 Eisenhower Expressway, and the BNSF Metra train route.

Our main service is digitizing all of your old memories so you can preserve and easily share old photos, negatives, slides, movies, and more. We are able to digital image obsolete films and photographic formats that other places cannot, such as 110 negatives, 126 negatives, and stereo slides. Plus, our imaging and transfer work is all done on site in our store. Don’t risk your precious memories being damaged or lost in shipping by taking to a chain retailer. Bring them to the professionals with over thirty years of experience.

For specific questions, call us at 708-354-7800.

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Latest News

Holiday Gift Idea #15

Holiday Gift Idea 15: Convert dad’s carousels of 35mm slides to digital. Order a DVD slideshow of the images that he can sit and watch.

Holiday Gift Idea #14

Holiday Gift Idea #14: Restore and recolorize the old damaged photograph of your grandmother that your father treasures. Work is done in house by a professionally trained artist so there is still time to have a photo restored for Christmas!     Save

Holiday Gift Idea #13

Holiday Gift Idea #13: Do your parents have any of these negatives? Have them digitized for Christmas so they can have the images on their computer. Order prints and give them to your siblings so everyone can have a copy. All imaging work is done in house, so there is still time to get it…

Holiday Gift Idea #12

Holiday Gift Idea #12: Transfer videotape or movie film to a USB flash drive instead of a DVD for those computer people on your list. We can save the movies as MPEGs, MOVs, AVIs, or any common file type you would like. The files are ready to copy onto the recipient’s computer to share on…